First Book Cover Celtic Medallion

Very pleased with the book cover for Inheritance: Who Do You Think You Are? I thought it was worth the time and effort to produce an accurate representation of one of the key artefacts in the Trilogy.

The Medallion

Without giving too much away, Josh (the main character) is given the medallion by a mortally wounded man. The illustration is an accurate interpretation of the description in the book. Here's the rough drawing I gave to my book designer…if you want to see how it turned out, have a look here :

It was his idea to put the splattered blood on the final article.

Web Site for Inheritance

I decided a dedicated website for the Inheritance Trilogy would give readers the option to check into some of the weird facts and historical events behind the story.

Choice of name 'Madoc' for domain.

Without giving away too many clues, I've chosen the name 'madoc' for the domain name. As the reader's journey through Welsh mythology and our character's regression to past lives continues, the reason for this choice will be apparent.

I have included some links in the actual book but the website will be a resource on the subjects covered in each of the Inheritance books. I'll organise each subject under each book, so readers don't have to peek into books 2 and 3 if they're not there yet.

Spontaneous Human Combustion & the Roman Attack on Anglesey to name but two…

So, for example in book 1 Inheritance: Who Do You Think You Are?, you'll find information on paranormal issues such as Spontaneous Human Combustion, or historical information about the origins of St Patrick, or the Roman attack on Celtic Anglesey in 61AD . In other words, there's pertinent information available for the relevant chapter in Book 1.


Here's an example of the Page on Spontaneous Human Combustion.

Inheritance: Who Do You Think You Are

I finally decided on a title: Inheritance for my paranormal, historical mystery about an American with an undiscovered Celtic past. To be honest, it's not been easy choosing a name.

The Inheritance Trilogy

The first problem is that my book is part of a trilogy and so the title needed to be appropriate to all three books to give continuity. I think that's important because the three Inheritance books form part of a much bigger story. If you read the Inheritance Trilogy you'll soon seen the references to past events and the hints at a rich back-story. My intention, therefore, is to clearly define these three books as a trilogy, within a wider 'Legacy' series containing both prequels and sequels.

I chose the title 'inheritance' to hint at the wider and more sinister implications of an unexpected bequeathment. The first book Inheritance: Who Do You Think You Are? aims to pose that very question to each of us. Do we really know where we come from? Not many of us do…within a few generations, family history is often forgotten and survives, if at all, as scraps of distorted information. I'm reminded of that old World War One request from a British Officer in a front line trench. The verbal request for reinforcements, passed from trench to trench, had started out as 'Send Reinforcements, we're going to advance.' By the time the request was received by the non-plussed Commanding Officer, the constant repeating had changed it to: 'Send three and four pence, we're going to a dance.' And so it is with our own ancestral history, the reliance on oral information, passed on by elderly relatives rovides clues but not much clarity.

He has forgotten his roots and his heritage, but it hasn't forgotten him…

Inheritance: Who Do You Think You Are? hints at that confusion and lack of knowledge. My central character has been a victim of that information; he has forgotten his roots and his heritage but it hasn't forgotten him and it will burst into his life.